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The Story of why this site came to be.

You may be wondering as to why I chose this topic for my site. There is one word that tells the story; see if you can figure out what that is, after reading this story.

A Simple Lesson

There was once a pastor who was married and had one son. His son was about ten or eleven years old. Over the years the pastor had tried to teach his son all the Bible lessons that he could. However,the events that happened on this one day would be the beginning of a lesson for many people.

It was a Sunday afternoon, it had been a gloomy day all that morning; with a light rain falling on and off. Pastor John and his family had just returned home from a wonderful church service and his wife was fixing their afternoon meal.

It had been the custom for the past two years that on Sunday afternoon; while waiting for the meal, that Pastor John and his son Jonathan would go out visiting differant people, inviting them to the evening service, and telling them how much Jesus loved them.

Now, as it sometimes happens, just as the two were getting ready to go; the morning's light rain turned into a heavy down pour.

Jonathan said to his father, "Is it time to go?" "Perhaps we should wait and see if this rain stops." replied the father. "OK", said Jonathan.

After a few minutes, the down pour let up and became a light, but, steady rain. "Can we go now?" asked Jonathan. "No, it may rain harder, and we don't want to get soaked." Pastor John said.

Jonathan was getting impatient and he went to his room. He knelt down beside his bed and began to pray. "Dear God, I know that I am just a child and you love me. It is raining outside and Dad and me want to go out witnessing, could you make the storm stop. AMEN."

He got up from his knees and went to the window to look out. It was still raining. "Well, God, I guess you need it to rain today. Would you protect me out in the storm?" Jonathan said.

Jonathan put his rain pants on, he put his rain boots on and he put his rain hat on. Then he went into the living room and said to his father: "Dad, I have my rain gear on and God will protect me out in the storm, can I go out witnessing for a while before lunch?" " Couldn't you wait till this storm is over?" "No sir, I must go now." Sure, said his father. If you feel you must."

Grabbing a handful of gospel tracts, Jonathan started out into the storm. After an hour he was down to his last tract.

As he approached the last house, he began to wonder if there had been a point to coming out in the rain to do this. He had given most all of his tracts away, but, because of the rain, no one wanted to stand and listen to him tell them that Jesus loved them and if they would read this paper they would know how much.

"Maybe Dad was right, I should have waited until this storm was over, he said to himself,as he put the last tract into his pocket." As he began to walk away, he remembered a promise that he and his father always made to God before they went out each time. That was to not stop until all the tracts were handed out.

The doorbell was not very loud, but Jonathan rang it anyway and waited for someone to answer it. After the third try he decided that there must not be any one home and began to leave, but, felt an overwhelming urge to go back. When he got back to the door, he rang it three more times.

On the seventh ring the door opened and a white haired lady was staring him in the face. "What do you mean bothering an old woman." She scowled. "I'm sorry for bothering you, maaaaam." Jonathan stuttered. "I just wanted to tell you that Jesus loves you and that if you read this little paper, you will know how much." She took the paper and without saying a word, closed the door in Jonathan's face.

"How was it?" Jonathan's dad asked when he got home. "No one got saved." said Jonathan, very sadly.

That evening at church, Pastor John was welcoming all the people; when he noticed an elderly lady in the back row. She was easy to notice because of the warm smile that was on her face. Pastor John welcomed her to the service and asked what her name was.

"My name is Elsie Wayne, and I am really blessed to be here. May I tell you why?" "Go right ahead, Mrs. Wayne." Pastor John replied. "I haven't been to a church since before my husband John died twenty years ago. I got mad at God for taking him away from me. Then when I got older my kid's stopped calling or coming to see me, they don't even write any more. I became a bitter old woman, I hadn't spoken to any of them in fifteen years. Not until something happened to me this afternoon.

I was at my house today, and dreadfully depressed about everything. My children, my life, and that storm that just wouldn't quit. I decided to myself that life was just not worth living.

I had gone up into the attic and gotten an old broken chair, placed it under one of the beams, tied a rope around the beam. On the other end of the rope was a noose. I had just slipped it around my neck, when the door bell rang. I stopped what I was about to do and listened. Yes, it was the door bell. After the third ring it quit. I knew that no one would ever come to visit me, so I climbed back upon the chair, and again as I was slipping the noose around my neck, the door bell rang. And again.

I knew that I could never go through with what I had planned wondering who it was at my door. Even though I was mad at the person for interrupting me and causing me to live another minute longer, I opened the door.

There was a boy there, dressed head to toe in a slicker. He said to me, "I just wanted to tell you that Jesus loves you and if you read this little paper you will know how much."

I took the paper from him and shut the door. I started towards the stairs, intending to finish what I had started. I looked at the paper, on the front it said in big letters: {I LOVE YOU } under those words was a picture of Jesus on the cross. I looked out the window, the boy was gone. I could picture his smiling face, with those bright blue eyes and hear his voice saying; Jesus loves you.

My stony heart broke that moment, I asked the Lord to forgive me for trying to kill myself. I told him that I was a sinner and that I wanted Him to save me, that I could not do it on my own.

Had that young boy not come to my house today and told me that Jesus loves me, I would not be here. I would be spending my eternity in the flames of Hell. Thank you Jesus for that little boy.

Well, there was not a dry eye in the house. The pastor knew who that little boy was and he knew in his heart the lesson that God had taught him that day.

Did you see the lessons in this story?

I learned a lesson from this story and that was not to let the storms of life keep you from serving God. Someone's soul may depend on it.

God loves us all. Trust him as your saviour, Today.
Don't wait. The clock of life is ticking away, and we are all just one heartbeat away from eternity.

About this story
I am not sure where the idea for this story cam from. It was forwarded to me in an e-mail. If anyone has an idea to it's origin let me know and I will credit the writer. Until then I will just say thank you to the Lord Jesus for using it to teach me an important lesson.

How can I know how much Jesus loves me?

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